How to Approach FSBO Properties | FSBO Real Estate Leads

How to Approach FSBO Properties | FSBO Real Estate Leads

How to Approach FSBO Properties

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How to Approach FSBO Properties
Posted June 26, 2007 by Cheri Alguire
       Most real estate agents hate visiting and approaching FSBO or For Sale By Owner properties due to the common possibilities of rejection and embarrassment. However, you can minimize these possibilities and use certain strategies to gain more FSBO listings.

Your effectiveness as an agent with a FSBO can be radically boosted with judicious use of the DiSC method for figuring out the behavioral style of the seller. This enables you to adapt your approach according to the displayed behavior.

Everyone automatically feels higher trust levels and a feeling of being understood when faced with someone who adjusts to their behavioral style and communicates with them in a way that they can best process the information. When working with a FSBO, you can identify their style or behavioral type and you will always be effective at converting the approach into a listing. Most of the people offering their homes For Sale By Owner eventually do list with real estate agents or agencies, but the motivation and the process that they go through to arrive at that point will be different, based on their behavioral style. These are some basic guidelines that can be used to determine the style of the prospective seller and figure out the most effective way of dealing with him.

The Dominant or D Style person is an extrovert who is forceful and decisive, ambitious, direct, challenging and independent, accomplishing things through tasks. These are classic bottom-line oriented people, often argumentative and impatient, intimidating others to get their own way. You need to give them numbers showing your average days in the market or how your list to sales prices are better than competition. They respond well to consistent and innovative approaches, so think out of the box and don’t forget to follow up.

The Influencer or I Style person is an extrovert, enthusiastic, talkative, friendly, expressive, demonstrative, a people’s person and an optimist, accomplishing things through people and relationships. They are not detail oriented and are impulsive and very trusting. Become their friend. Show genuine interest in their needs and build a relationship over several visits. They start optimistically and become disillusioned quickly, being naturally impatient and do not respond to mail campaigning. Personal contact is very important.

The Steady or S Style person is an introvert, accomplishing things through people and relationships, looking for someone to trust, non-expressive and indirect, methodical and systematic, reliable, patient, steady and modest. The most successful approach is to be non-threatening, building trust over time. They need more time to process information and can be resistant and passive-aggressive if pushed. They respond to calls and visits rather than a mail campaign.

The Conscientious or C Style person is analytical and needs details to make their decisions. This style is expressed as patience, passiveness, loyalty, serenity, and predictability. They are the type to follow all of the rules and stick to the numbers to make their decisions. They weigh out all of the pros and cons before jumping into anything. Approach the C Style with numbers, data, history, charts, etc. in order to give them all of the information they need to make their decision. They need time to process everything and analyze all of the details, so don’t be surprised if they seem a bit critical at times. Keep communication open and allow them to ask questions, and update them on market trends or community news that might affect their home.

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