REDX: FSBO Leads Service

Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc’s For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) lead generation service is designed to help real estate professionals work more productively and sell more properties in today’s competitive market.

REDX FSBO Advantage

Includes a FREE subscription to REDX’s Lead Management Software – the REDX Lead Manager!

Up-to-date FSBO delivery

No duplicate FSBO ads

FSBO leads screened against the National Do Not Call Registry (DNC)

Automatic reverse phone number searches

Cross check your FSBO against your active MLS listings with any expired leads subscription.

REDX utilizes advanced web and database technologies to deliver the highest quality and quantity of FSBO leads. Each day the REDX scours all local and national newspapers, real estate publications, and other public online sources and delivers FSBO leads directly to your REDX lead manager.

REDX FSBO leads are not only screened against the National Do Not Call Registry and flagged for your attention, but cross checked with your active MLS listings to verify the FSBO lead is still indeed a FSBO. The lead generation solution extracts the lead in its entirety, removes all duplicate ads, and augments the lead with external contact information. REDX utilizes a reverse phone number lookup to obtain any additional contact name and address.
The REDX lead manager will allow you to manage your FSBO leads and your expired listings. You are able to manage your FSBO leads, create tasks and notes or utilize the online FSBO call script to hone your skills and get more listings!

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Did you know…

The typical FSBO home sold for $187,200 compared to $247,000 for agent-assisted home sales.

88% will end up using an agent to list and sell their home

11% Price their home with a market price that is correct

16% Understand the paperwork

9% Can Attract potential buyers

9% Have enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale

Majority of FSBO’s will use an agent for their next home purchase

FSBO Lead Service Delivers:

“More than just an email”

Up-to-date FSBO Delivery

Sellers Phone Number

All Numbers Screened

Against the DNC

Cross Check your FSBO Against Your Active MLS Listings

Automatic Reverse Phone Look Up to Find Additional Contact information

No Duplicate FSBO Ads

Leads Delivered 6 days/week into the REDX Lead Manager

Better Data in Less Time

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FSBO Services Extend to Canada

REDX Launches Expansion Into Canada

Real Estate Data X-Change (REDX), an industry leading provider of Expird and For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) lead generation and management solutions, today announced the expansion of its services into Canada, with the opening of 35 areas of its low-cost FSBO service.

REDX launched the FSBO product to meet the specific needs of the Canadian real estate professional. REDX FSBO leads service is very unique from other FSBO providers because we the FSBO leads are delivered directly into a very user friendly lead manager system, which is included with a subscription to REDX FSBO service. The lead manager system gives the subscribers a tool for more then just prospecting FSBOs. The lead manager gives the subscribers the ability to notes, set tasks, create marketing campaigns and flag leads.

REDX utilizes advanced web and database technologies to deliver the highest quality and quantity FSBO lead in the market. REDX scours all local and national newspapers, real estate publications, and other public online sources to extracts the lead in its entirety.

In addition to interfacing with the lead manager, REDX FSBOs include:

Real time FSBO lead delivery seven (7) days per week

Customizable FSBO database search tool

Reverse phone look ups performed on each FSBO lead

No duplicate leads

Free online training and scripts

“REDX FSBOs is a powerful enhancement to any real estate professional prospecting, by providing them a tool that delivers new leads every day” say Curtis Fenn, Vice President of Sales for Real Estate Data X-Change."

About Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc.

Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc is a leading software technology and leads service provider for real estate professionals throughout the US. REDX assists real estate professionals in accomplishing their professional goals by providing them with accurate, timely and reliable data to aid them in building their business. We have designed powerful technology-based tools to help them access, manage, and utilize their real estate leads. Simply stated, REDX’s products and services help real estate professionals sell more homes while saving both time and money.

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